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Appliance Repair Tips

Obviously, appliance repair is best left to professionals. Unfortunately, you may have different idea of who a professional really is and decide to try to repair your appliance yourself. Here are some tips to help you with your project. Warning: always disconnect your appliance from all electrical, gas and water sources before starting work. Failure to do so, may cause serious injury or death. Also, be careful of sharp edges and corners of the appliance. The following is only a short list of possible problems an appliance can have. Some solutions may require professional help, so don't hesitate to call us at (818) 322-4652. Washer doesn't agitate. Check for: -Loose or broken drive belt. -Defective agitator solenoid. Remedies: -Tighten or replace belt. -Replace agitator solenoid* *Problem is best left to a professional. Washer doesn't spin. -Check for: -Loose or broken drive belt. -Defective lid safety switch, timer, or spin solenoid. Remedies: -Tighten or replace belt. -Replace switch, timer, or spin solenoid.* *Problem is best left to a professional. Washing machine doesn't drain. Check for: -Jammed or defective drain pump. Remedies: -Clear jam. -Replace pump* *Problem is best left to a professional. Clothes don't dry. Check for: -Clogged lint trap or exhaust duct. -Worn door seal. G - Incorrect air-gas ratio. Remedies: -Clean lint trap or exhaust duct. -Replace door seal. G - Adjust shutter on burner. Dryer runs noisily. Check for: -Worn drum belt. -Defective idler pulley or support roller. -Loose blower. -Worn motor bearings. Remedies: -Replace drum belt.* -Replace idler pulley or support roller.* -Tighten setscrew holding blower to shaft. -Replace bearings or motor. *Problem is best left to a professional. You can't turn the dryer on. Check for: -Open door -No power reaching the outlet. -Loose motor wiring -Damaged door switch -Defective centrifugal switch -Defective wiring between the outlet and the terminal block -Defective timer -Defective motor Remedies: -Shut the door again. -Check the fuse box/circuit breaker. -Tighten the electrical connections. -Check the switch and replace it if necessary. -Check the timer and replace if necessary. -Call a qualified contractor. Dishes are still dirty at the end of the wash. Check for: -Water not hot enough. -Dishes not correctly prepared for washing. -Dishes aren't stacked correctly. -Detergent is old. -Detergent dispenser doesn't open. -Spray arms are blocked. -No water in the tub. Remedies: -Check the temperature of the hot water from the tap - it should be between 140°F and 150°F. -Check the hot water setting. -Scrape and rinse all dishes before loading the dishwasher. -Dishes can't touch and must face the direction of the spray to get completely clean. -Start over with fresh dishwasher detergent. -Check the detergent cup and remove hardened detergent or mineral deposits. -Be sure the lid is not blocked and check the dispenser solenoid. -Check and make sure nothing is blocking the arms. -See the next section for not enough water. The dishwasher's tub doesn't fill with water. Check for: -Defective water inlet valve or solenoid. -Clogged water filter. -Defective overflow switch. -Defective timer. Remedies: -Check the valve. -Check to see if your water inlet valve has a filter and clean it. -Check the switch. If it freezes in the FULL position, the unit will not fill. -Replace the timer. The refrigerator doesn't cool well or runs all the time. Check for: -Thermostat on wrong setting. -Dirty condenser coils. -Damaged door gasket. -Sagging door. -Heavy frost accumulation. -Door is open too much. -Hot and humid weather. -Inside light on. -Wet insulation in the door and sides -Room too warm. -Damaged evaporator fan. -Damaged condenser fan -Defective defrost timer. -The refrigerant has leaked out. Remedies: -Change the thermostat temperature. -Clean the coils. -Check the gaskets. -Straighten the door. -Defrost the unit more often. -Open the door as little as possible. -If the unit runs continuously, but cools well, there is no problem. -Check the door switch. -Open the unit on a dry day and let it dry out. Also, repair or replace cracked door jambs and panels. -Move the refrigerator repair to a cooler place or start cooling the room. -Check the fan for damage. -Check the fan for damage. -Check the timer for defects. -Call a qualified contractor.